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Nothing But Nets

Nothing But Nets offers an enriching after-school sports program, collaborating with club sports organizations to deliver inclusive sporting experiences in local communities. Our primary sports include Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer, focusing on accessibility and enjoyment for all.

Our Nothing But Nets programs are typically once per week for six weeks. Participants with special needs receive a shirt/jersey and the club athletes teach the participants drills to build their skill in the sport. We also take pictures of each athlete in their jersey to share with family and friends.

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Our Goal

We’re all about bringing together children with special needs and student athletes in a fun, sports-filled environment. Our goal is to make sure these amazing kids feel included and cherished, while giving our athletes a chance to engage in their sport in a really rewarding way. It’s all about growing together, sharing smiles, and creating unforgettable moments on and off the field!

Event Day Shirts

Each participant with special needs is gifted a shirt or jersey, symbolizing their inclusion and belonging to the team. This not only boosts their confidence but also gives them a tangible memory of their participation and achievements. Furthermore, we capture these special moments by taking photos of each athlete in their jersey. These pictures serve as a proud testament to their growth and involvement, which can be shared with family and friends, further celebrating their accomplishments and the joy of sports.

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