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Charitable Partner to NIL Collectives

Utah Players

Building a legacy of inclusion

Inclusive Sports Foundation presents a unique opportunity for NIL collectives to become impactful charitable partners. By aligning with ISF, collectives can:

Connect with a dedicated demographic

Millions of Americans are touched by disability, creating a strong connection with parents, families, and advocates.

Amplify your reach

ISF’s established network and dedicated supporters provide an effective platform to extend your charitable impact and engage new audiences.

Contribute to a worthy cause

Every donation allows ISF to empower children, promote physical fitness, and build lifelong friendships, creating a lasting positive impact.

Champion inclusion and diversity

Support ISF’s mission to provide children with special needs access to sports and social interaction, fostering empathy and understanding within communities.

Elevate brand image

Partnering with ISF demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and community engagement, enhancing brand reputation and attracting positive media attention.

Partner With ISF

Connect with us to learn more about making ISF your charitable partner for your NIL collective.

Partnering with ISF further enables NIL collectives to collaborate with dedicated athletes who share their passion for giving back. By working together, collectives and ISF can create a force for good, leaving a lasting legacy of inclusion and empowerment within communities.

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